We were inspired by how many people were being censored on Patreon to try to come up with a new dapp that allows any content creator to create reward tiers and others to subscribe to their rewards on a monthly basis.

What it does

It's a subscription service smart contract using Solidity that allows users to subscribe to their favorite content creators via reward tiers on a monthly basis and also allows the user to unsubscribe. It allows the content creators to collected the subscription deposit from the subscribers as well.

How I built it

It's built using two smart contracts, one for the User, and one for the Subscriber.

Challenges I ran into

Subscription services are a challenging idea on a blockchain because it's hard to do natively. We had to look to other solutions and approaches before customizing a solution for a decentralized-Patreon approach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Useful subscription service for smart contract that can allow more modifications by others who can add it to their dapp infrastructure to allow for subscription and monetization services.

What I learned

Subscription services are a difficult challenge on blockchains because you'll need to sign your key prior to every subscription time period if you want to do it natively. That's why doing it via smart contracts is the best approach.

What's next for EthSub

We will finish the front-end GUI and integrate this function into our project.

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