EdCaliber is an integrated Instructional Improvement Tool that can be used to support NYC math teachers and administrators to take their best instructional and administrative resources and practices to deep and sustainable levels of implementation. Our goal is to help close the implementation gap and minimize the time from idea to effective implementation in the classroom.

NYCDOE has created excellent and extensive common core math units. With EdCaliber, NYC math teachers will be able to: 1) access these large NYCDOE units as daily lessons: 2) easily schedule the lessons, 3) review, select and schedule all related/recommended resources, 4) upload, organize and schedule their own resources, 5) be able to get notified about new units as they become available or are updated, and 6) collaborate online with their peers.

We recognize that New York Middle School Math teachers and the NYCDOE has unique needs and we will extend our tool accordingly.

Thank you again for this great opportunity to partner with NYC schools to help close the GAP.

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