Eviction is one of the primary causes of homelessness 1,592 eviction notices filed Mar 2018 - Feb 2019 The Eviction Defense Collaborative is the principal organization in San Francisco helping low-income tenants respond to eviction lawsuits.

Filling out paper forms is the most time-limiting step in the eviction response process Even if the client can fill out a portion of the form, it “makes that much of a difference in time saved” (Chris Tai, EDC)

What we did

Designed a simple, user-friendly interface, accessible to a wider range of people Translated legal jargon on the forms to understandable questions Visualized user’s progress as they are completing the form Thought about Anthony and his current journey through the process right now

What's next for EDC Intake Form

Improve efficiency by transforming digital form back into legal document Visualize data for government use Number of people served who had a disability Percentage of people who are LGBTQ, minorities, etc. Elderly vs child clients Salesforce integration Has greatly aided in saving EDC time in processing time Save unfinished forms in progress

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