We tried to learn a new development stack, we couldn't find a viable or completely reliable source to learn the stack on the internet for free , we weren't ready to pay for a professional course to just learn the basic level knowledge required in the class projects. Then we thought what do people who cant afford these courses do ? From which we realized the root of all sins of mankind was selling education and knowledge for a price, and this happening in our digital age seemed very unjust, we believed that giving underprivileged students access to technical knowledge will create a profound change in their standard of living more than any amount of aid can achieve. e thought that this would help them break the cycle poverty.

What it does

Our Product EDBER is to provide a curated platform to let underprivileged students and dreams gain knowledge from available open-source resources without spending money nor wasting time on low-quality content websites. It uses web scraping to get free contents which are then meticulously curated as viable courses. It strives to eliminate poverty through education.

How we built it

Our Product EDBER is built on a Django API server and the frontend is based on the ReactJS Redux concept where the data sent from the server in JSON will be parsed by the React Frontend

Challenges we ran into

We needed more time to learn new topics because we had to classify and find reliable and proper content sources from the internet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel that the fact that we realizing how education and poverty is interlinked as a cycle that underprivileged cant escape and us taking action to tire and eradicate the cycle of world poverty is what we are proud of.

What we learned

We learnt the extent to which poverty has affected education and that it becomes a cycle which people cannot get out of without free education. We also realized that the major problem is a lack of a proper free technical learning/education system.

What's next for EDBER

We are planning to make students and children in places like Africa with the help of NGOs and increase the userbase and increasing our contents and optimize the system

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