Learner's drop out rate is up by 67 % with most of them leaving due to a lack of Motivation and engaging content. We need to fix this problem by focusing on ways to Motivate the users ,Personalize and Reward their learning journey. For Course Creators, Inability to influence learners behavior and delayed payments. For Platform, expensive to onboard new learners and attract new Course Creators.

What it does

We created a dApp that can connect learner and content creator together to achieve learning goals, that can create business impact for the organization. Content creator can signup, create courses, assign reward for courses. Learners can signup, purchase and learn the courses, take assessment and earn rewards in USDCx super token. Learners can unwrap the token to stable coin and withdraw to their exchange account.

How we built it

Our current ETH based implementation is shared below. We are working on Trust EVM migration. Ed3zapp-core - Smart contracts incorporating business logics Ed3zapp-ui - Next.js/TypeScript/Materio-ui based frontend dApp SuperFluid - For real time streaming rewards based on Programmable Cashflows Sequence - Hassle free on-board of Web2/Web3 users Polygon - Easy, Cheap and quickest L2 solution for deploying contracts IPFS - Storage Platform for video and assesment questions Tableland - Composable data storage for Web3 NFTPort - Easy and gasless minting of NFTs Covalent - Learners and Content Dashboard analytics Connext - Bridging ERC-20 tokens from other chains to purchase course

Challenges we ran into

Implementing native ERC-20 token based rewards that makes product easy to migrate to other EVM compatible chains.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a minimum viable product that runs on ETH ecosystem. We are working on making the migration into Trust EVM.

We had our basic MVP and concept at an early stage before Ideathon. During Ideathon, we went in-depth into the problem, figuring out viable business models for taking the product further. We also have worked extensively on designing the product so that it will be less dependent on Ethereum ecosystem-based tech. This is covered as a Technical diagram in our slides. We want to present our idea to Ideathon judges, and get product validation and feedback. We are planning to design/code and ship the product into Trust EVM which will be a completely new project.

What we learned

Developed from collecting the pain points for the learners/content creators, original product idea, building MVP.

What's next for Ed3Zapp

Looking for any accelerator programs or grants from EVMOS ecosystem.

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