Securely time-lock documents on Arweave with Ethereum incentives

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How does it work?

If Edward Snowden wanted to secure his secret document until January 1st 2021, he'd go through the following process:

  1. Open up the permanent Arweave address for EdLock.
  2. Login with his Arweave key and select the secret document to encrypt.
  3. Set parameters for the time-capule: when the capsule should be opened, how many shards the master encryption key should be broken into, the number of shards needed to restore the key, and how much of a reward he wants to give shard holders for waiting until the unlock time.
  4. EdLock now generates a wallet that will have the ability to make a request to the reward contract, burner wallets for each of the shard holders, and then deploys a smart contract with Edward's parameters and references to the honeypot and burner addresses.
  5. EdLock then buries the time-capsule by encrypting the contract address, honeypot private key, and secured file using the master encryption key and uploading it to Arweave.
  6. EdLock then generates QR codes for each shard that contains the shard, a burner wallet private key, the Arweave hash, and the smart contract address
  7. Edward then reviews the QR codes, prints them, and pushes the Fund button to send the reward to the smart contract.

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