We thought we could build a concentrated data source that could harbor an entire town's worth of interesting events and dates.

What it does

It is a Map with pin-points indicating areas of activities and would have the ability to build a dialog and post about events or areas of improvement in the area.

How I built it

MongoDb Sails.JS, Node.Js, Visual Studio Code, EJS, CSS, JS, HTML

Challenges I ran into

All of them. APIs creative use for data. Software issues. Debugging, false positives.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Conversing with the Mentors and staff and getting out of bed yesterday morning.

What I learned

Don't trust my IDE. I don't know what is real anymore

What's next for Ectr

Well, I'll need to get more familiar with the intricate details of my framework before advance any further as it was the advance material which crippled my development.

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