How it started...

We approached mining for the first time thanks to chia in February 2021; after two months it was already clear to us that we would develop at least one project within the ecosystem. The first thought was to create a pool but since many people seemed to be already working on the project, we decided to diversify by thinking about the needs that involved us personally. Since our farm manages investments for several people, the lack of a lite wallet to manage payouts was a pressing problem. Hence the idea of ​​developing first for us and secondly for the community a simple and elegant lite wallet to manage XCH and all other POST-based coins.

Ecowallet is quite there...

After a few months of development, we have almost arrived at a working version of the Ecowallet. The application will initially be released only for Android and will allow you to manage XCH and the main forks of Chia. The focus will be on ease of use while we will leave more advanced features to future developments.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of mobile devices, we faced many challenges, not that big to stop us but enough to be stimulating. The main issues were:

  • Cross-compilation of cryptographic libraries and clvm rust
  • Reimplementation in Java of the Python part of the clvm
  • Reading transactions from the blockchain

What we learned

Thanks to this project we have learned something more about the chia and clvm blockchain. We also learned how to compile desktop libraries for Android. From the UI / UX point of view, we had the opportunity to study the user experiences of the main lite wallets trying to obtain an optimal synthesis between simplicity and extensibility.

What's next for EcoWallet

Even before setting ourselves goals we want to clean up the repo, check that there are no security holes related to our other projects, and publish it. Then the first goal is the release for android, then if the project will have a good echo in the ecosystem we will develop the ios version. For the coming year, the objectives are to introduce the management of other coins and a decentralized swap.

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