EcoVogue is an environmentally conscious clothing swap app letting you find your perfect outfit without breaking the bank or the earth. Fast fashion is a major problem facing our environment. The average American will throw away up to 70lbs of clothing per year, and with their cheap prices and low quality fast fashion is fueling the trend. EcoVogue is the anti-fast fashion. The app lets users swap clothes making it easy to sell and buy secondhand. We were inspired by online second hand clothing sites such as Depop and Threadup; however we wanted our app to be more locally focused and college student friendly.

What it does

EcoVogue lets you search for available swap items nearby and send in your best swap. Swappers can add extra freebie items to make their swaps more attractive.

How we built it

This prototype was built and designed in Figma.

Built With

  • figma
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