ecoTRX™ Pro for OpenXC Personalized MPG App

The ecoTRX™ Pro for OpenXC App will help you achieve and report highly personalized fuel economy levels. ecoTRX Pro combines your real time vehicle data from OpenXC, NOAA weather data, USGS terrain data, and EPA vehicle data to provide personalized and context-aware MPG information during and after your trip. Using ecoTRX Pro for OpenXC is like having a personal trainer from the EPA along for your drives, delivering detailed information about how your driving behavior affects your fuel economy.

ecoTRX for OpenXC harnesses the Android Text To Speech (TTS) engine to deliver this personalized MPG information in an audio format to help keep your eyes on the road. In addition to behavior-based performance metrics, the app tracks your Personal Best city and highway fuel economy and rewards you with congratulations and "Virtual Award" plaque images that you can share with others. ecoTRX Pro for OpenXC provides an easy to use, informative, fun and safe app experience to help you become a more economical driver.


• Real-time tracking of both city and highway MPG

• MPG meter ranges customized to EPA ratings for your specific vehicle model

• Audio status updates at selectable intervals with context-specific information – i.e. city vs highway

• Tracks and displays/speaks MPG and key metrics on behavior that affects fuel economy – Miles Per Stop, Average Highway Speed, Rapid Acceleration and Rapid Deceleration Events

• Easy swipe interface for audio control while in motion, with automatic switching to visual display when stopped

• Tracks and displays cumulative trip elevation change, and heat index (as a proxy for A/C use)

• Tracks and displays/speaks cumulative trip fuel cost at your MPG levels vs the trip cost at the EPA city and highway MPG ratings (using actual city/highway mix vs combo MPG)

• Grades your trips in a color coded trip list to allow easy review and comparison

• Congratulates you on achievement of new Personal Best city and highway MPG levels and highlights these trips in your trip list

• Provides "Virtual Award" plaque images that you can save, email, share or print when you beat EPA ratings, set a new personal best, or beat your My MPG peers

• Pushbutton “share and compare” MPG levels with other registered My MPG users

• Selectable thresholds for city vs. highway conditions, status report frequency, and MPG accuracy

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