Inspiration 💡

"The first step toward change is awareness". This inspired us to make the younger generation visualize that each and every choice we make leaves a significant impact on the Earth. With a little more awareness and consciousness, thus ecoTrackAR aims in bringing that awareness to the younger generation through an innovative way by using AR and IoT integration.

What it does ⚙️

ecoTrackAR is a web app that aims to provide the younger generation and students an innovative way to view how their choices are impacting the environment. The app essentially helps users visualize their carbon footprint in accordance with their everyday choices by accumulating points and presenting them in an AR format. The user would also be able to connect their devices such as a Smart watch which would track and send information to the app using IoT integration. The user would be able to see their forest grow every time they make better choices for the environment and would be able to redeem their points for gift cards.

How we built it 🛠️

The frontend and design for the app was made with Figma. The backend and IoT integration was done using NodeJS for server management, Express was used as a web framework on top of NodeJS, Javascript, as the baseline programming language, Firebase functions for deployment, Firebase real-time database to host our database, and Postman for API testing. The AR/VR aspect was done using echoAR, Vectary and Unity.

Challenges we ran into 🚧

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was when the echoAR platform server was down almost 12 hours before our submission period. This is why opted to use a different platform for temporary visualization called Vectary. Moreover, this was the first time everyone from our team worked on AR/VR so there was a lot of research involved.

Another one of the challenges we faced was how to think like an innovator, at the beginning of the project, we had an unclear idea of what we wanted to make, but had the tools we wanted to use. However, with the help of the workshops and mentors, we were able to brainstorm and eventually come up with a clear, concise idea for our hack, something that the team is very proud of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🌟

We are proud of creating the idea that we had originally envisioned. We came into this hackathon with an open mind and were able to put our learning to the test and create something impactful for the community.

What we learned 📖

We were able to learn and work with some new technologies for the first time. Munazza and Angel worked on echoAR, Unity and modelling for the first time. Ritvik and Piyush worked with firebase and node-red for the first time.

What's next for ecoTrackAR 🚀

ecoTrackAR would like to include more integrations with common IoT devices, we are also looking to expand into more apps that would be accessible to everyone. Along with that, we would also like to implement more valuable offers that users would be able to redeem their points such as donating to a local charity.

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