What it does

It reduces paper waste, transferring receipts from the useless paper format, to a digital format the user has access to, on a mobile app. It also helps users keep track of their expenses, get useful suggestions and ultimately make their life users. For the companies, it will help them understand their costumers better, by keeping track of who bought what. In the end, it's a solution that helps the environment, the individual users and the companies, all-in-one.

How I built it

The mobile app was build using javascript, while the simulation platform, which proves the usability of the application, was built using a combination of QT creator with C++, Android Studio, bash commands and a lot of creativity :)

Challenges I ran into

-Building the simulation environment -Using the NFC function for our purposes -General programmers stuff

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Completing a functional app -Creating a beautiful design -Creating a working simulation environment

What I learned

-That sometimes all you need is the idea, and the first step -Challenges are not that scary after all -New programming skills that I didn't have when coming in (like advanced Android Features) -Working in a team

What's next for ECOTECH

-Building the hardware that connects to the cash registers and has the NFC option, for the users -Getting advisors that will help us create a clearer path -Using blockchain to enable advanced features in the app

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