One day i decided to go green. After hours of searching "things you can help save the earth while shopping", I still got confused about where I should go and what I should buy.

What it does

The app scans your receipt and give you points for how well you did based on data classified from how-to-go-green communities such as buying organic items, buying things in bulk, shopping at stores with paper bags, ...

When you have enough eco-friendly points, you can redeem for donation under your name or deals from partnered grocery stores promoting recyclable items.

How I built it

  • I gathered data from how to how-to-go-green communities
  • Build a classifier to sort out items
  • Build reward system to match items with rewards
  • Use Google Cloud Vision to extract text and labels from a receipt

Challenges I ran into

  • Extract text and labels from a receipt was hard because the effort for integrating the API with actual camera takes a very long time and lots of testings.
  • Classifying the items

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I was able to finish the project and it works!
  • Help everyone make the earth better

What I learned

  • Google Cloud Vision API

What's next for EcoShopper

  • Partner with grocery stores to give out rewards. With good stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, they will give out more deals while stores that are still using plastic bags such as Walmart, Kroger will have to make their items more eco-friendly to be able to compete.
  • Reach out to local markets.

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