We sent out a survey to students and collected data on how much knowledge students have on current environmental issues. Unfortunately the results showed many students don’t know about certain environmental issues as it's not part of their school curriculum. Others don't have the opportunity to learn from students around the world and the concerns in their area. A large majority don't have a platform they feel comfortable in to share their research and discoveries. And some students don't have the inspiration/motivation to learn about our planet's concerns to make a difference. We wanted to change that... so we created EcoShare!

What it does

EcoShare gives students inspiration, motivation, and learning opportunities in a platform they feel comfortable in. It also allows students to attend webinars from student’s around the world. Students can also earn awards for learning!

How we built it

First, we researched what exposure and awareness people had with environmental issues. By sending out a survey, we discovered students didn't have much knowledge of this broad topic. We concluded this was a large concern since the younger generations are going take care of our planet later on.

Next, we brainstormed ideas of how we could solve this issue in a realistic way. As we finalized our website plan, we created a Figma design so we had a clear picture of what we wanted to create.

After, we started coding all the front-end with HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap 5. Simultaneously, we worked on the backend, database, and API's using the MERN Stack, CULT, etc.

Finally, we reviewed our project and got feedback. After making a few changes, EcoShare was created!!

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges was the time constraint as we had to create all of this and submit efficiently so we could produce the best product possible. Another big challenge, was that we were in different timezones which meant we had to have great communication and put in our best efforts to finish this project. Finally, we also had to learn to use new API's which was a bit difficult, but necessary for our project since we needed these functionalities to have the best user experience for the students.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing our project in time with all of our features despite the challenges we ran into. We're excited to share our project with the world and present to students our website which is scalable, relevant, effective, and unique.

What we learned

We learned that communication is extremely important to successfully create a project. Also, it's great to learn from each-other and work together, using each other's strengths and weaknesses.

What's next for EcoShare

We hope to expand EcoShare so its not just for students, but adults as well because there is a gap communication for impactful environmental issues there as well. We also hope to get feedback from our users as well as add extra features and improve on our design based on their necessities.

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