In our world today, alarming legitimate issues have affected our quality of living such as climate change, pollution of resources, health issues, and loss of biodiversity; all of which are attributed to the accumulation of excess waste.

Our goal was to take the idea of viral challenges and create a fun and interactive app to make a positive difference and preserve the world we live in.

What it does

 Our program is designed to allow users to make a positive impact in their community. One uploads a picture before and after picking up trash from an affected area to their profile. It is then shared with other users as well is marked on a map as a "trash-free area". The more areas a user cleans, the more points they receive to put towards earning rewards such as points to various loyalty programs and gift cards.

How we built it

 Our initial idea was to build an app using the android studio, however, our skills limited us. Instead, we created a website prototype using HTML, photoshop and mapbox API.

Challenges we ran into

 Some challenges we ran into were not being able to use certain programs such as the android studio as well as completing our idea under the time restrictions.

What we learned

 We learned that creating an application takes a lot of hard work and patience. Furthermore, it requires people from various backgrounds, technological or not, to come up with a great idea and implement it.
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