Of the social issues our society faces today, one of the most pressing is environmentalism. We know how fraught the situation is because of how abnormal everything has been in the natural world lately - it was over 70 degrees yesterday, and it's only February! That's a problem and we need to do something about it.

However, few people seem to really care about this issue. And as people who are very passionate about protecting the environment, we often find that it can be extremely difficult to find events, organizations, and other information online because of this lack of interest.

We wanted to change that. To do this we built ecoSearch: a search engine specialized for environmentalism. It takes data extracted from other websites and databases using mySQL and PHP and then shows everything that's happening or interesting near you, based on your zip code. Currently it only shows events, organizations, and endangered species, but in the future we hope to increase its functionality and interactivity greatly. We aspire to make this site an all-in-one for people's environmental needs.

We think this project is a great solution to an existing problem because it makes life easier for people who already do care about the environment, and it allows a lot more people to care, because if it takes less energy to do something, people are much more likely to do it. We hope that by raising awareness we can contribute something to solving this issue that affects everyone across the globe.

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