We found consumerism to be an interesting field and knowing the large impact of impulse buying on waste generation, we decided to create a pop up extension that dissuades users from unnecessary purchases, thus helping both them and the environment.

What it does

This pop up browser extension recognizes terms like "Add to Cart" when they are clicked. The first question that shows up asks whether the item is essential or not. If it is, the user proceeds to checkout. If not, the user is asked whether they already own something similar and also how long they plan to use the item before discarding it. We hope this will make users reflect on their buying.

How we built it

Prototyped on Figma.`

Challenges we ran into

Unfamiliarity with Figma, how to make the blocker not be so much of a dissuading factor that people don't use it at all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Figma.

What we learned

Negative environmental impact of consumerism. How to use Figma.

What's next for EcoSavings

We intend to implement a database with information about the environmental impact of different companies. Our extension will detect the product's company and provide additional information about the specific company's environmental impact when dissuading users.

Built With

  • figma
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