Have you ever wondered if playing a video game can help the environment or maybe to save the environment, I have to stop playing video games. Introducing EcoRacer, the number one website to play games which help the environment. Simply create an account, race cars with your friends or by yourself and donate to the #savethenvironment campaign.

😉What it does😉

It’s a car racing video game where players can choose the car they want, people to play with and they can compete with their friends. They can also purchase new cars and add on as well. When players start the race, they get questions about the environment, for example what is the number one cause of climate change? Players can also get $$$ to use in the store and they can donate the $$$ to the #savethenvironment campaign to help to reduce climate change.

🙂How we built it🙂

  1. Figma for design
  2. HTML/CSS for programming
  3. GitHub to include the programming
  4. Domain.com for the domain: EcoRacingGames.tech

😭Challenges we ran into😭

Since I left my original team because they had 4 people already, I had to make a project by myself in the given time which I managed to do. Also designing this game was a bit difficult because this was my first time.

✅Accomplishments that we're proud of✅

Making an appealing website for everyone to use which adheres to this hackathon's theme. Using HTML/CSS to program the website as well as using Figma for design.

😀What we learned😀

I learned to create a project in the given time even when I was working solo. I also learned a lot about game designing

🤔What's next for EcoRacer🤔

  • Using Unity to build games
  • More video games than car racing
  • In app purchases
  • A mobile app
  • and more

Built With

  • domain.com
  • figma
  • game-design
  • html/css
  • ux/ui
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