Team 34

Execution Plan

We hope to launch within two years, with two rounds of financing being completed. This allows us to both gauges the market and develop a sustainable monetization model while pivoting if necessary to ensure users are engaged and come back.

Financial Plan

We plan to scale at a 1:2 debt to equity ratio, with crowdsourcing as a supplemental source of funding. Initial seed funding would come from small business loans, incubators, and our own funding. We would be able to make several betas by the end of the first year, in time for series funding.

Market Strategy

Our marketing plan includes targeting individuals mainly aged 18-30 as we believed that they had the most involvement toward eco-living and a platform to enforce it. Throughout our financials, we allowed our marketing strategy to be mainly Facebook lookalike audiences, community groups, and Instagram influencers. The product is the web application that calculates your carbon footprint. The price is a freemium model that will allow for revenue down the road. The place is hosted hopefully on our website The promotion will mainly be social media platforms.

Techical Implementations

Our tech stack includes React, Node.js, Express, Chart.js, JavaScript, and CSS. As we learned from the Prototyping Apps with React Native workshop, React allows us to reuse components and create fast, responsive web pages. Our program allows users to create accounts and login. As such, we utilized MongoDB to store this information and we used Node.js and Express for the backend component. We also use the Alan API to allow users to input what they did for the day via voice. Once this data is parsed, we created an algorithm to calculate the amount of Co2 emissions released from certain activities. This data is then displayed in an intuitive graph using Chart.js.

User Experience

We wanted this program to be accessible for all. As such, we added a voice feature, allowing users to simply use their voice to input their information. By using Adobe XD to create design mockups, we were able to thoroughly create the best user experience. Our design is simple and intuitive, with responsive buttons that clearly displayed and instructions that are easily accessible. As we learned from the Design Thinking Workshop, we made sure to include minimalistic yet eye-catching designs and simple instructions to improve the user experience.

Proof of Concept

We proved that this concept has worked through the demo and found the voice recognition to work quite well.

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