Ecopet is a combination of two words : economical and pet.

What it does

Users can save their money by adopting, raising pets (through buying food for pet by ETH). In case your are not engouh ETH you can transfer Token Erc20 to ETH through KyberSwap API.There are two points you need to remember if you want your pets to grow perfectly : feed duration and pet balance. Feed duration is a measure to detect shape of your pets while the size of pet is determined by the remaining balance of pet .Feed duration will be increased if your pets are fed regularly. Last but not least, You can still withdraw your money in pet whenever you need.

How I built it

There are 3 main components:

Contracts : Written by solidity, deployed by truffle framework Frontend : Reactjs framework, game framework with createjs Swap module: Built with Kyberswap API

Challenges I ran into

We need spend a lots of times to collect, design sprites for pet. Building game in blockchain quites different with casual games We used Ropsten testnet to build Dapp so we met some interupt by migrating Ropsten to istanbul

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a game that user can play easily

What I learned

We used KyberSwap to swap between tokens

What's next for Ecopet

In the future, we will develop phase 2 with 2 main approach:

  • Pocket money In this approach, each pet will become a pocket money for kids whose parents can give money through feeding pet. Kids can use balance in their pet to buy something they want. Last but not least, by using blockchain technology, parents can track their kids’s transactions.
  • Small investment In this approach, each pet will become an investment.So, ecopet will become a platform connecting small investors with financial funds.

Built With

  • kyberswap
  • smartcontracts
  • web3
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