Inspired by kids saving money, the tokens will also be saved and kept by a virtual pet. At first, the dapp only stops saving money on pets, later on these savings can be used to invest in financial investment funds.

What it does

Users can save their money by adopting, raising pets (through buying food for a pet by ONE). There are two points you need to remember if you want your pets to grow perfectly: feed duration and pet balance. Feed duration is a measure to detect the shape of your pets while the remaining balance of pet determines the size of the pet.Feed duration will be increased if your pets are fed regularly. Last but not least, You can still withdraw your money in pet whenever you need.

How I built it

We came up with the idea of building a virtual pet dapp combined with savings Contracts : Written by solidity, deployed by truffle framework Frontend : Reactjs framework, canvas with createjs, integrate with Harmony through harmony-js

Challenges I ran into

We need to spend a lot of time collecting, design sprites for pet. Building game in blockchain quite different with casual games Learn to be familiar with the Harmony's sdk, how to interact with the math wallet, one wallet

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have built a product that can run stably on the testnet of the platform. Building a foundation application so that in the future it can be easily integrated with new features such as saving with many different tokens

What I learned

  • How to build complete dapp on harmony basis
  • Working with Harmony wallets

What's next for Ecopet

Integrate with many types of tokens so users can pet with tokens available in the wallet, those tokens can be redeemed for ONE Trading and exchange platform for pets Each pet will become an investment.So, ecopet will become a platform connecting small investors with financial funds.


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