In the United States, food waste is estimated to be at 30-40% of the total food supply. This means that 133 billion pounds of food, or $161 billion go to waste. All this wasted food leads to the unequal distribution of food across the nation, causing families and children to fall into a pit of hunger while our uneaten foods go to the landfill. Furthermore, so much land, water, labor, energy, and other inputs are put into dealing with food waste, which could be combated in very easy ways. Cooking from home allows people to promote a healthier lifestyle with less processed foods, be more conscious about the ingredients they are consuming, and helps them save money.

What it does

Instead of tossing out extra ingredients and foods in your kitchen, eCook helps you compile a few hand-picked recipes to use your ingredients and paint a beautiful new palette. Most other recipe suggestion websites ignore your dietary restrictions, but we make sure to take that into care, filtering out recipes that could interfere with your restrictions. We also have an option to sort by preference, which most other websites do not have. You can choose the type of cuisine you would like to enjoy, and we’ll prioritize recipes from that cuisine. We want to form a personal bond with you as you journey through the art of cooking.

How I built it

We worked as a team, dividing up the research for recipes and ingredients, JSON, back-end JavaScript, and front-end website design and coding.

Challenges I ran into

None of us had experience in Android Studio, nor did we have a lot of experience in front-end coding, which made it difficult for us to develop a bug-free user interface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to make the functions of the website work with a nice, sleek website design.

What I learned

We learned so much from this experience, since none of us had ever participated in a hackathon before. We learned about the process of fitting back-end code with front-end code, using new techniques and languages we have never used before, and working together as a team.

What's next for eCook

In the future, the eCook team is hoping to partner with recipe databases in order to get a larger selection of recipes to choose from, as well as partner with online grocery stores like Amazon Fresh, Walmart, and Trader Joe's to help the user's cooking experience be even easier.

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