What it does

Consumers can explore the impacts of the food products through an app interface, where the information is presented in a simple way through infographics. Data on shopping behaviors per region will be collected and provide reward programmes to engage with consumers.

How we built it

We have currently made a presentation outlining our idea that will help us understand the market perception around the idea. Having a clear picture will help us in building software the market requires instead of what we think, the market requires.

Challenges we ran into

Transparency about environmental, nutritional, and social aspects #HonestProducts Connection with SDGs from the UN Allowing the company understand their impacts and manage their products

With each part of the software described, there are hurdles to accomplish. Initially, a big part of the first few tasks is to understand SAP, and the ways different companies use it. Also, connecting the various software and DBs can prove difficult.

  1. There are a lot of open-source accurate Natural Language Processing Machine Learning algorithms available. However, the tradeoff between precision and recall requires a lot of fine-tuning.
  2. Due to the Data sensitivity issues surrounding this step, we will have to apply a lot of computer security techniques that will come into play.
  3. Connecting the LCA Software and nutritional information should be fun!
  4. We are currently studying blockchain and how people are using it in similar applications. Since we are new to this, we cannot forsee the problems that lie ahead.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of Creating the social pillar and developing the methodology and software concept for it

What we learned

There is a demand for sustainable products (75% of consumers want to change their habits to be more sustainable) Consumers are willing to pay 24% more for #HonestProducts that are sustainable

What's next for EcoNut

Software development and prototyping

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