We present a data exploration website (www.econstat.org/mdg) for the Millennium Development Goals data set from the World Bank. This website provides several approaches for data exploration and visualization, along with examples. The tools available in the website include both simple selectors and general interfaces. The simple indicator viewer visualizes each indicator for all regions and countries, and also shows countries with top/bottom values and maximum changes. The indicator selector allows users to extract data by indicator names, countries and years. The indicator comparator allows dynamic comparisons of indicators and countries along the timeline. A simple SQL query interface is also provided, together with the phpMyAdmin interface. Users can directly explore the tables and views in our database and execute their own SQL queries. The website also contains a visualization gallery for the eight goals of MDGs and some other basic indicators. We use maps, line charts, bar charts, and motion charts to visualize the indicators. The visualization of the data can be directly perceived by the viewers. We wish to thank the World Bank for providing the data set and this opportunity. We also thank the open source community: Google Visualization API, jQuery, MySQL, PHP and many others.

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