With swift transformation in the work patterns, businesses are adapting remote and hybrid work environments. To keep this transformation fluid, organizations are exploring innovative forms of collaboration for their employees. The approach to cater employee needs is changing which is why organizations are open to redesign their employee experience and related technologies. But it is quite common that our technologies are fragmented and sometimes hard to find, which results in disruption in the workflows.

Solution: When as a Company, we realized the need of better business intelligence engine to improve productivity for decentralized workforce, we spear-headed an initiative that saw the implementation of business applications coupled with Microsoft Teams. Our solution addresses this uniquely by offering seamless employee experience even if you have fragmented applications and technologies.

Vision: The vision and roadmap of eConnect is to coexist with Microsoft Viva and create hooks to generate Microsoft Viva addon demand to complete full employee experience in Microsoft Teams as a centralized organizational tool.

What it does & How we built it

Our app solution - eConnect is a unique interactive platform with 2 primary functions resolving multiple challenges.

  1. An Interactive Dashboard that gives user the flexibility to access various applications within one environment.
  2. AI built Chatbot that provides real-time solutions and one-to-one interaction between employees, any member of cross-functional teams such as IT, HR, Admin, and so on. The app is built on the underlaying technologies of Graph API’s, PowerApps, QnA Maker, .Net, MS Teams and much more.

Our Challenges

Some of the prime challenges we faced while building this app are:

  1. Classification of Questions based on Department i.e. when solutions are fetched from Knowledge Base, the Bot must identify the question type and provide button relevant to department. For e.g., If the employee asks question "about pay slip", the bot will revert with an answer along with the button of "Talk to HR" which initiates a private chat between both the parties. Likewise, the questions are classified according to departments and the AI identifies it and brings appropriate channel button.
  2. Identify API's to bring Teams chat on the dashboard. This promotes ease of use as the user doesn’t have to go out of the window every time a new message pops up.
  3. Not much clarity on Microsoft Viva platform API.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. We were able to find the right solution after a month of research and dived into the depths of technical competence of Microsoft Teams and how we can leverage the power of Microsoft Teams and its features to build a productivity-enabled platform.
  2. We addressed at our own organization the challenge of employee experience. We see it as an opportunity wherein we would like to counsel other organizations to promote employee experience through productivity platforms.

Our Learnings

This is the rapidly evolving solution where technology and platform extension are constant and we will have to continuously evolve and update with new employee experience features such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva platform.

eConnect 2.0 Plans

BITSCAPE’s experienced engineers are exploring the technology to enhance app features and integrate more functionalities like,

  1. A control dashboard for management with Power BI reports evaluating employee insights. By monitoring employee activities it’ll generate an analytical display for Managers, Team Leads, and Executive teams.

  2. Activity Timeline display on dashboard for employees.

  3. Employee Rewards and Co-worker Appreciations.

  4. Leader Board & Personal rating system to track performance.

  5. Integrate Contact-less Attendance system.

  6. Bringing all other organizational used, HR application experience into centralized Teams platform with eConnect.

Built With

  • azure
  • chatbot
  • graphapi
  • internalappapis
  • msteams
  • qnamaker
  • teams
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