My inspiration was something called the kindness ninja's, I had heard about them for a long time and I thought it was a really cool concept. I decided I wanted to do a version of this. So when I came across the mega hackathon I saw one of the challenges was climate change. I thought it would be really interesting to try environmental ninja's. So I came up with EcoNinja.

What it does

EcoNinja gives you one daily environmental challenge. These challenges are simple yet effective at reducing your negative footprint you put on the environment. It includes a massive amount of resources to provide you accurate and informing information about what humans are doing to our planet. We hope others will share their information they have received to help others reduce their footprint too.

How we built it

EcoNinja is built in MongoDB for the database, Node and express for the API, React for the JavaScript framework, CSS3 for the design and HTML5/JSX for the markup. We have a simple API that sends the daily challenge to the frontend and another that collects the challenge requests.

Challenges we ran into

Some issues we ran into were struggles with setting up a MERN API, like the syntax and some strange errors like CORS error. Another one was figuring out the way to structure our page with z-index because we have a lot of invisible overlapping elements like the dropdown alignment. One that really got us stuck was figuring out how to stop animations from playing when you reload or re-render components.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we're proud of are the effects, like navigations effects, hover effects and scroll animations. We are really proud of the concept because it is pretty unique and gradually adjusts people to helping our environment.

What we learned

What we learned was a refreshment of backend code after a long time, preloading components to stop animations from playing on load and using scroll animations to captivate user attention.

What's next for EcoNinja

We feel like EcoNinja has a lot of room to grow. It could become an app where you can gain point or track the carbon you have removed from just the simple actions of the challenges as well as connecting with others on social media to share the resources and how you are doing on your challenges to inspire others to come on the platform and reduce their footprint. It could even be a newsletter that sends it right to each person.

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