How Our Project Benefits Our Community

Our project, ECOmmodities, is made to educate the public about product sustainability, hoping to increase awareness about the various factors from products that go into and negatively/positively affect our environment. Our app relates to the theme of social good, environmentalism, and education. We, Sarah and Shannon Liu, are beginners in Hackathons and we are so glad to experience and participate in this Hackathon. We created this app because we believe that simply picking up trash and recycling would not create a substantial influence on helping the environment. Therefore, we decided to create an app that can be shared with all people of all ages so that they can be impacted by our thoughts and the information presented in the app, and change their habits and purchases. Our app educates people about the effects of plastic, the apparel industry, and household items on the environment, and provides alternative solutions to address each of these effects. As beginners in app development, we created this app with Swift by using Xcode. A challenge that we encountered while building this app was creating new pages and moving from page to page by clicking on buttons in our app. Initially, we created buttons and attempted to create actions for those buttons that would bring the app to a new page. Soon, we realized that this feature required us to implement NavigationView and NavigationLinks in order to move from page to page. In the future, we plan to further develop our app to include more styles and information about product sustainability.

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