Micro-Services architecture for ECommerce Websites. This repository deals with the micro-services based architecture for e commerce websites. The entire ecommerce site is segregated as services based on the different business functionalities the website caters.

Tech Stack

  1. Gradle
  2. Spring Boot
  3. Mongo DB
  4. Hystrix
  5. Angular 2 with Node
  6. Eureka Service discovery
  7. Spring Cloud config server

To use this repository follow the steps given below

Mongo DB

  1. Download and install mongo db.
  2. Configure the DB path and start the mongodb. # Github Repositories
  3. Clone the repositories to you local drive.
  4. Start the individual services in this order
    a. Config Server - Modify the properties file location to your local git/git repository b. Eureka Server - Register the services to eureka and other services will use Eureka to communicated with c. Product-Service d. User-Service e. Spring-Hystrix - Client consuming the product service. Hystrix enabled. f. EComm-frontend - Angular 2 with Node. To provide a user interface for the services

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