Nowadays, we live in a world of buyer markets. Nevertheless, purchasing items usually works like in vendor markets: the vendor gives an offer and any buyer can act upon it. This has to change.

On eCom Stock customers publish their willingness to pay. Every vendor can act upon this immediately because the customer committed to the potential purchase - also supplying his payment information. In order to facilitate market transparency all past transactions are published anonymously.


  • Customers win because they can potentially buy products cheaper.
  • Vendors win because they can easily act upon purchase offers in real-time - taking into account their individual stock levels and profit margins.
  • In a nutshell, the total market transparency improves the overall product allocation.

How to access the market place

  • Online: conveniently access our online platform via any internet device
  • Offline: get a Beacon notification if you pass by an item that is available via the online platform

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