The topic of climate change is one that many do not have relevant and accurate knowledge of. It is also a topic that many disregard and label as unimportant.

What it does

Ecologify aims to provide interactive features that educate individuals on our world's current climate crisis.

How we built it

First, the UI/UX design was created using Figma. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were the only languages used to build Ecologify. I used the AQICN API and the Leaflet library to build the mapping feature for the air quality index.

Challenges we ran into

Back-end development is something I am not cut out for at all, so it was a challenge building the mapping feature. I had to look on the internet for different air quality index APIs and mapping APIs. It took hours to figure out how to implement these APIs since I am not very experienced in JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully (well, almost) implementing the mapping feature. The mapping feature unfortunately does not work on the GitHub pages link, but it worked when I tested it locally. You can see this in the demo video.

What we learned

I learned more about how APIs work and how to use them. I also improved my JavaScript and CSS skills.

What's next for Ecologify

Implementing a feature in the mapping system that shows greenhouse gas emissions in their area in addition to the air quality index. Also, I would implement personalized activities they could do to lower greenhouse gas emissions in their area rather than generalized activities. Raising awareness about the current state of climate change is something that Ecologify aims to do, so reaching a bigger audience would also be a next step.

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