In Algeria, the amount of household and similar waste has substantially increased over the last decades due to rapid population growth, coupled with an uncontrolled urbanization. This pheno-menon is accentuated due to lack of resources and adequate facilities. Meanwhile, the composition of this waste is in the process of moving from an organic profle (food waste) to complex materials (packaging, plastics, end-of-life, etc.) and that pose major risks to the environment and the public health. The method which is practiced for their elimination remains to this day the landfll, because of its low cost compared to other methods such as incineration or composting. Thus, it is necessary to control this increasingly growing waste stream to: • Protect the quality of ground water against the infltration of leachate from landflls; • Preserve and save land for the storage of waste; • Reduce odors and greenhouse gases, some of which are toxic

What it does

Better waste management

How I built it

By building a smart connected facilities.

Challenges I ran into

the lack of enough informations and ressources about waste management in algeria .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

concepting unexisted system in a short time.

What I learned

That trying to implement the idea is always more challenging then realizing it.

What's next for Ecological Smart Collection

More devloppement of IOT technology involved in the project

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