Nowadays, environmental problems become more and more important and serious. We had to do something! That's why we created ECOLLABS: an interactive platform that promotes collaboration and programming while trying to act for the environment. We also wanted to take advantage of everyone's research in the community to solve each problem faster and more efficiently. We hope to create with you a brighter future for our generation!

What it does

ECOLLABS goal is to raise awareness against the problems that the earth is facing. It connects all the people who are attracted by the same problem in order to find a solution. We particularly emphasize mutual help, which is for us a very important way to progress.

How we built it

We brainstormed on Figma, we used HTML & CSS for the frontend and Python for the backend!

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn how to code a website from scratch this weekend. We had never made a complete website before! We also learned what was flask for the first time. In spite of everything, we agree to say that time was our biggest fear, but after a lot of work (and no sleep haha) we made it!

What we learned

This 24H hackathon was a really great learning experience! He had a day to learn how to build a functional website with HTML & CSS for the frontend and Python for the backend. We also learned how to use the discord API in order to create our own bot!

What's next for Ecollabs

We rely on the support of the participants to promote our project, raise awareness and try to solve the problems with our community.

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