In light of the Corona outbreak, people are looking for ways to help their community. Why not streamline the process and make a social network for everyone who wants to get out there and help!

Why we made EcoLink

Do you feel like you are just one single person, and you can’t make a difference? Do you have a great idea for a campaign but need somebody to make a website? Do you want to get more people involved with your newest non-profit? Are you seeking a graphic designer, an organizer, … for your initiative?

In the age of rapidly increasing information It’s easy to get lost and miss the important stuff. This social network has one focus: youth environmental activism.

What it does

Our website brings people who want to help the environment together

EcoLink allows you to:

  1. Find collaborators
  2. See events that are happening near you using our map feature
  3. Organize your own events and get people to sign up
  4. Help with skills that you have and ask for help
  5. Find organizations that share your values
  6. Provide a distraction-free & professional social network for like-minded youth like you (14-25 y.o.)

How we built it

We used a combination of frameworks and APIs all centered around a main flask file that allows us to have a dynamic, engaging site that functions like any other prominent social network

Challenges we ran into

Time. There are so many things we wanted to include and have things built for, but were unable to include in the final product. If we had more time, we certainly would've been able to get features like comments up and running!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating so many APIs and technologies proved to be very difficult. Getting files to upload to imgur and save a relative link to firebase, for example, was tricky, but we got it to work! Furthermore, our team was composed entirely of backend developers, so we're all proud of the sleek, simplistic desgin we came up with!

What's next for EcoLink

We hope to upload a profile page as well as integrate commenting and visible followers (you can follow, but it only works in the database right now). In the far future, we see it being a mobile app as well.

Important Notes

As far as we can tell due to some weird browser shenanigans with google chrome, the feed will not work using it. Please use another browser. Also, we didn't get a chance to incorporate error handling, so if you get a server error, it's almost certain it's because you entered your password wrong or a user with a certain email already exists or something like that. If that happens, please just go back and try again! It works, we promise!

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