What inspired us is the documentary often aired on tv about the landfills that had been drowning in waste, along with the recycling materials that can be used yet are wasted and thrown to be contaminated with other waste. What added to our motivation for this project is a study we read about the percentage of waste being recycled, which was 4-5% in 2010. We saw a massive opportunity for development and progress of our start-up and an even bigger ecological and economical impact.

What it does

It's a smartbin that's divided into part each part would contain a type of recyclable waste and the last part would contain non recyclable waste. When the user enters the trash into the according bin, and is detected to be the correct materiel, the bin would offer a buying ticket with a sum depending on the weight and type of the materiel. Once the bin is full and a sensor placed inside detects it, it is compressed to offer more space. Once it is full even after compression. An application used by the indicates the trash cans that are full so that the driver would only drive to those, thus reducing congestion and fuel.

How we built it

The program is based on iot, java, cloud, firebase, AI We start by making the skelton of the trush-can totaly on aluminium and we make our control test to be sure that the strucor is stable

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were getting people to put their trash apart into recyclable and non recyclable, since recyling has existed since long ago yet peopel aren't doing it. The solution was to offer buying tickets to the customers, the sum to finance it would be obtained from selling the recyclable materials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learnt that the product to deliver isn't based just on ideas that would appeal to us, but mosly on what the client needs, on what he would want, thus the us of market analysis and surveys. We learnt to work in groups and contribute each with their point of view to get the best results. We've also learned more about IoT.

What's next for Ecoline

Once Ecoline is working and producing products, the next step would be to reach other wilayas and to add other functionalities such as ad panels on the side of trash bins and use solar energy for it's power

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