Project overview

To embrace the changes linked to Covid-19, EHL has redesigned its website,, and digitalized its services: courses & events. Our main goal was to build an interactive interface and an online events platform such as the Junior Academy, a membership website. From programs to teachers, via campus: they also needed to have an attractive way to present all the information.

EHL has not only one but three HubSpot portals. In order to make it easier for them to manage content on all of them, we developed cross portal templates allowing them to deploy code on 3 portals.

Challenges we ran into

In the middle of a health crisis, EHL had one goal: keep inspiring students to pursue studies in the field of hospitality. Furthermore, as an international school, EHL needed to find a way to attract new students from all around the world. That is why they wanted an attractive and inspiring website.

The solution that was built to solve the problem

In order to adapt to the current situation, we created a membership website, The Junior Academy, for an online program with an agenda built with custom modules. To access the content you need to be a member of a list managed on HubSpot.

To present the team we developed a teacher listing with a search bar and a specific page for each teacher. It is powered by a HubDB, which has a column for each information. We added the French and German version in the HubDB to offer a multilingual listing with a conditional logic: if we do not have the content in German, it will appear in English.

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