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What it does

It aims at increasing the rate oflandfill diversion by allowing people to recycle more easily and carefully while being rewarded for doing their part.

How we built it

Using Python and kivy we created an application that asks the user if they followed specific steps that will increase the reciclabilty of their garbage. The user answer questions and uploads a picture to our back end. The user receives points that are redimable for rewards. The picture can be checked by people working on the app to make sure that the guidelines were actually followed

Challanges we ran into

One of our challanges was dealing with Kivy. Kivy is a framework for python that allows you to create applications that can work on every device and operating system. This program had specific requirements for the styling of the application. One example is that it uses RGB alpha colors and we discovered that to get the color you want, you need to divide its RGB value by 255.

Accomplishment we are proud of

Since this is our first hackaton, we are proud of everything that we could achieve during this weekend of hard work. It was amazing to be able to coordinate a team split between canada and taiwan. App wise, we are mostly proud of being able to build an app with python using this framework for the firt time

what we have learned

These days we have learned a lot, from team working, to learning a new app framework (kivy) to learning about the city of kingston recycling situation. We also learned that with hard work and each other support we can achieve things we didnt know were possible for us.

What is next

  • conducting outreach with the city of Kingston and local businesses to implement incentives (Coding)
  • There are few functions that have similar code (same structure and functionality but different text). It could be improved to one function by passing parameters.
  • Only one python file and kv file are used. Design part in kv file could be split into different files. There are almost 800 lines in kv files.

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