Inspiration: We noticed that there is a lot of food waste that goes on in our daily lives. We also realized that much of this waste starts from our very own fridges and pantries.

What it does: This app helps people reduce food waste by notifying them when their food is about to expire, and it also gives them ideas on what to do with their expired food to reduce the amount of waste of just throwing it away.

How we built it: We build it with Figma and its prototype function. This is still in the works.

Challenges we ran into: We had much difficulty with handling the backend of this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud that we went through with this idea and were able to put out a product.

What we learned: We learned that it is important to be able to plan wisely to not spend too much time on one aspect of the app.

What's next for EcoFridge: We would like to focus on creating the backend of the app and using the databases later on.

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