Global warming is a serious issue. You have the right to know how much carbon footprint you items consume. We looked for you so you don't have to -- trust me finding this is harder than it seems.

What it does

You point to an item to scan and it tells you the rating of the product in calories per serving / CO2e. This value tells you how eco-friendly the product is, considering the amount of energy you get from the food compared against how heavy it's carbon footprint is.

How we built it

Built it using flutter for the Android frontend. MySQL db's were used on the backend

Challenges we ran into

New language for it and a new tool! Significant lack of life cycle assessment data for carbon footprints. Had to infer individual carbon footprints based on broad data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All the hard work paid off!

What we learned

Finding your carbon footprint is a lot harder than it seems.

What's next for EcoFoot

Add many more items into our database!

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