With the environmental need for change firmly implanted in my mind, it was only a matter of looking into the great annoyances of common life to find how I could help. With that endeavor my teammate and friend of mine, Elena, helped greatly.

The one thing we didn't have to dig to find is that nearly every person tends to avoid dealing with contractors. It seems to be one of the great peeves of people and we were somewhat surprised to see that tools, made to help deal with this problem were few and far between. That, coupled with having about 25% of global CO2 emissions being the product of creation of electricity, using that electricity in our homes efficiently by large requires the home itself to be built for the purpose.

What it does

So a simple idea was born – help eco-minded homeowners and contractors easily find each other and along with that – diminish most pain-points of the process. And that's exactly what we've set out to do.

How we built it

The very first part of the problem was figuring out the traceable pain-points for homeowners in dealing with contractors. Inversely, what difficulties do contractors face when dealing with their customers?

Upon finding them, next was understanding how exactly eco-friendliness works in the world of building and how that can be achieved by a steadily-increasing number of contractors.

With the answers to those two main points, "all" that was left to do is to create a system, simple and friendly enough to actually help users.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the challenges we faced were technical. With a team of two, only one of which is actually a programmer, the workload was daunting. Persistent connection errors and annoying bugs halted large parts of the development and ate a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We kept it going. When a problem fired, we fired back harder. More than once during these 30 hours we needed to be flexible and more than once we would have made a contortionist whistle in approval. We worked in different environments, we worked with next-to no sleep and even when we knew there's not a chance we'd be able to finish on time, we still kept at it. But most of all – I'm proud of our idea.

What we learned.

Don't let go of something you believe in. And be mindful of your time, don't try to fit everything you want into such a short timeframe.

What's next for ecoFind

We keep going. It is something that the world needs and we can provide it.

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