Our interface tackles the difficulties of Environmental Racism, which is a form of institutional racism that directly exerts influence on hazardous wastes into landfills. This also disproportionately affects communities of color Environmental racism is caused by many factors, including intentional neglect, lack of advocacy, and insufficient resources. We’re interested in this topic because of the environmental racism that women of color around the world face.

What it does

EcoFemme allows users to view many resources that can combat negative environmental influences. It includes Interactive Modules that teach users good practices to do with helping the environment. Through the Learn More tab, you can view the Air Quality and Water Quality in your local area to see if it is hazardous which will help provide data to users. Using the Community feature, you can discuss topics and prompts to gain advice and insight on other people's perspective.

How we built it

We built hi-fidelity wireframe and prototypes for our app on Figma.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges we faced was condensing features to have ones that are relevant to the topic. We came up with large ambitious features that we would love to implement but as UX Designers we had to narrow down our ideas to ones that users would actually use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of Prototyping our design as we used new animations to make our site look and flow well. Also we did a lot of secondary research to learn more about the topic and this helped us with coming up with unique features for the site.

What we learned

Through our research we gained more understand towards environmental racism and how significant the difficulties are for minorities.

What's next for Ecofemme

We are going to flush out the resources page for Air Quality and add more informational features for women. We want to make this more tailored towards women and provide more resources for them. Lastly we would send this to Software Developers who will create the actual website.

Built With

  • figma
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