Our team members have a strong interest in environmental sustainability. Despite our interest in the issue, we often fail to realize the effects of our actions, especially when it comes to food. We wanted to create an app that allows users to understand the impact that their food choices have in an intuitive way and provide feedback on how to improve their choices

What it does

EcoEats allows users to take a picture of their food and see the impact that the food production has on the environment. The water usage and the CO2 emissions of the food are shown to the user. The CO2 emissions are displayed to the user in terms of trees required to be planted and kilometres driven in a car so that the user can see their impact in a quantifiable and intuitive way

How We Built it

We used Google Cloud Vision API for photo recognition. Back-end development was done with Java in Android Studio. Graphics and User Interfaces were created using Adobe Photoshop and Figma. Lastly, our database was created using data found through research.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest problem we encountered was the integration of the Graphic User Interface and the back end project configurations in Android studio and Gradle

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As the event progressed, we became increasingly open to asking for help. Additionally, it was the first time using Java and Kotlin to build a mobile application. Despite our frustrations, we are proud that we were ultimately able to produce a MVP of the product for the live demo. Although we didn't end up using it, we are also very proud that we were able to configure HTTP requests and Firebase.

What I learned

Throughout this process, we leaned how to develop an app with Android Studio as well as using Kotlin and configuring HTTP requests.

What's next for EcoEats

Integrating Firebase into the back end for further statistical analysis. Integrate more functionality such as menu searching, barcode scanning, and multiple meal comparisons. Additionally we hope to include a personal tracker in app to display achievements and progress.

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