Food delivery is decentralized and environmentally-damaging. Most food delivery drivers use traditional gas-powered vehicles and have to manage order after order where they practically drive in circles (picking something up and dropping it off and then picking something up again) which results in a significant carbon footprint per order.

What it does

EcoEats leverages the power of communities to deliver food efficiently and at low costs. If you order pasta from Olive Garden and your neighbor orders garlic knots from Olive Garden, there's no reason that there should be two separate trips. EcoEats allows users to place orders at restaurants before a certain time each day. There will only be a few drivers who go and pick up food from restaurants that are close together, and then deliver it to customers who are close together. Additionally, it tracks the carbon footprint of each drive (as well as how much you save using EcoEats as compared to traditional food delivery services) and the carbon footprint of each meal so that users can know how environmentally-friendly their orders are and get inspired to be better!

How we built it

We build our prototype using Figma.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we had trouble with two primary aspects: (1) identifying the integration of sustainability principles into existing food delivery systems and (2) selecting a single pain point for users. To tackle these issues, we reviewed every step of the food delivery process with human-centered design thinking techniques. We then brainstormed many pain points for users on a digital whiteboard, ultimately determining the largest pain point as high shipping & service fees.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The feature to incorporate a meal’s carbon footprint is a crucial way for consumers to be able to gauge their sustainability behavior and set goals to improve upon them

What we learned

We learned about the food delivery service industry and a lot of its shortcomings, including its inefficiencies in routings and fuel usage. From there, we were able to develop EcoEats to remedy this problem by incorporating localized delivery services that coordinate with orders nearby.

What's next for EcoEats

Now that we have our MVP, we’ll build out the platform for EcoEats and begin partnership outreach with eco-friendly restaurants and scaling. We will look into developing user-friendly features to incentivize customers to opt into the more sustainable options by using rewards systems and challenges that they can compete in against their neighbors and friends

Built With

  • figma
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