Our personal experiences as busy and low-income students who cannot find the time to cook healthy meals and end up having to throw away rotten food in the fridge.

What it does

It generates recipes based on user input for ingredients, category, and dietary preferences, so that no food is wasted. The user is also able to save their favorite recipe, check whether their input ingredients are sustainable, as well as put things they have in their pantry so that they can track their expiry date.

How we built it

Node.js, Express, EJS templating, Javascript, MongoDB, OpenAI API

Challenges we ran into

Frontend design took some time. We also experienced difficulties with parsing inconsistent API outputs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full implementation of our API Recipe generator and core features working.

What we learned

We learned perseverance is key, and that having fun is the best part of the process!

What's next for EcoEats

Meal planning Interactive AI cooking assistant Dish scanner to recipe Intuitive shopping list Sustainable food store or restaurant recommendation

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