We were thinking about how to solve concrete sustainability problems, and realized that local and community efforts are often most powerful. We wanted to help empower local businesses (for now) and eventually larger restaurant business to set and track their own goals in adopting sustainable business measures. There's a lot for restaurants to do, and we wanted to make it a bit easier.

What it does

You can get started by registering and selecting some goals to work on; there are different points for each goal but you can get a total of 20 points in each category. If you’re a customer who’s curious about the participating restaurants and their progress, you can search a restaurant on the main page or view listed restaurants’ reports. If you’d like contact us with questions or to report an issue, you can find our developer contact information below.

How we built it

We used react and CSS to build the front end. We also use mysql for our database, which is hosted on Google's CloudSQL. Finally, we used python and flask for our back-end functionality.

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