The sheer lack of resourcefulness in our community was put on full display when our school district subtly decided they would no longer encourage recycling, and instead will be sending all of the garbage straight to landfills. As crazy as it sounds, if you don't believe us, you can believe our teachers who broke the news to us. You can imagine how shocked we were when you consider how much recyclable material was thrown away throughout the year across our various high schools. According to the recycling coordinator at our very own district, we sent away nearly 41 million pounds of garbage to landfills last year alone. This idea flowed naturally from our past climate change projects.

What it does

It's fun and simple! Join in by creating a new account, and start showing off how much you can recycle. Once you log in you get the choice to upload images of your recycling accomplishments, or by rating other people's jobs to see who's the best. Basically, all you do is go out and photograph proof of your reuse, and once you've done so, post it on Reusify and allow others to rate (be in awe) of your work. The more you recycle, the more posts you submit, the more stars you get. The more stars you get, the higher you rise on the global leaderboard, where you can see the best of the best and possibly show off how high up you are! (or not) :) This encourages people to create less waste, inspired both by projects others have made and the app's gamification system.

How We built it

  • The Flutter SDK
    • This SDK makes it quick and easy to deploy new tests and create beautiful UI. test
  • Firebase
    • Cloud storage, Realtime Database, Authentication

Challenges We Ran Into

I wish we could say we were perfect... and we truly impressed ourselves with how well the development process went. But in the end, we did have our fair share of struggles.

  • Half our team literally spent hours not being able to log in.
    • I might have also forgotten my password a couple of times. Yikes.
  • One of our backend developers was pretty new to Firebase, so integrating backend + UI was a process
  • We also learned about the pains of displaying multiple images on one screen with the Flutter SDK and how genuinely painful it is to solve all the bugs one step at a time.
    • But no worries! We got it straightened out (literally).

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  1. Great UI
  2. Aside from the marketplace POC, the backend is fully functional. Nothing was hardcoded.
  3. IT WORKS!

What We learned

I can't begin to explain how much each of us grew as programmers during just these 24 hours. We learned how to communicate and how to organize a team. We learned A LOT about how to work with the Flutter SDK, the Dart language, and about the countless plugins available.

What's next for Reusify

  • Expand the social features of Reusify, as we believe that this is what allows our app to thrive.
  • We would like to add a fully functioning marketplace where people can exchange their points for Gift cards and cool rewards.
    • Its current form just shows what we envision it could look like.
  • Minor bugfixes

Who We Are

We are students from Cinco Ranch High School!

Ian Kim - Ian K#8258

Michael Mohn - MichaelMohn624#6613

Aditya Agrawal - ImMørtał [streamer]#2729

Samuel Yuan - SamuelYuan#3585


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