Many ppl did have a positive thinking towards recycling but were too lazt to recycle so we decided to make an app that interests the user to recycle

What it does

This app it gives international ranking depending on how much u recycle. To get started you upload picture of yourself recycling an item like a plastic bottle and u get points based on how you recycled/reused it. This gives people DIY ideas to recycle and reuse such items.

How I built it

we built it with flutter and confidence.

Challenges I ran into

for 2 of us its our 1st hackathon so we ran into a lot of challenges and we currently ran out of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we learned a lot of coding and build up a lot of exp for our next hackathon.

What I learned

New methods in Flutter

What's next for EcoCycle

Add a social media platform for this so it can get attention.

Built With

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