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In the past week, there have been significant increases in the values of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but due to the niche practices, those who aren’t already involved in finance and technology find it difficult to enter the market. In fact, a past study showed nearly half of girls ages 11-17 do not feel confident in their financial literacy skills. We created Ecocrypto as a fun learning game aimed for young girls to learn more about the fundamentals and logistics of cryptocurrency without the need to actually invest, thus eliminating risk. As various cryptocurrencies become more relevant in our technologically-driven market, Ecocrypto enables current and future generations of girls to get informed and gain confidence in their financial literacy to invest early in the markets of tomorrow. Additionally, with the mass deforestation and multiple wildfires in the past year occurring globally, we wanted to create a way for teenage girls who mostly have limited resources to passively help. As users progress in the game, we pledge to plant a tree each time a user hits a milestone in gains, incentivizing them to “win” in order to help the environment.

What is Ecocrypto?

Ecocrypto is a cryptocurrency trading simulation in which users have the ability to invest in two fake cryptocurrencies modelled after real life examples. Users create a trading profile with a unique username and their email address and are given a lump sum at the start to purchase units of the simulation’s cryptocurrencies. Following the purchase of cryptocurrency units, user’s can check the simulation daily for fluctuations in value and choose whether to hold their investment or sell their units. Users can access their simulation wallet to see their current units in both cryptocurrencies, as well as their USD balance of their simulation cash available to purchase additional units. As this is geared towards beginner investors with little to no knowledge and experience, we created a learning tab available after user sign-in to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and its applications. In addition to the trading simulation, we’re incentivizing users to increase their gains from investing by pledging to plant a tree each time a user’s investments reach 100%. As a 100% gain is difficult to achieve, users are encouraged to purchase additional units when the cryptocurrencies’ values are low while selling some units when values are high.

Challenges faced

One of our biggest challenges was the lack of foundational knowledge from three of our members, who have never coded prior to SheHacks. Our other significant challenge was connecting databases to cloud, and we had to switch from NoSQL to SQL for our database management due to this difficulty. We also had the idea to show the user’s transactions and total value of their portfolio, and although we had finished the back end, we were unable to complete the front end.

Accomplishments we’re proud of

We’re proud of the speed at which we learned HTML and CSS through online resources. Additionally, we learned how to make .svg images to use in our game through Figma, a platform we were not familiar with previously. What we gained We gained respect for front-end designers!

What’s next for Ecocrypto

In terms of the trading aspect, we plan on introducing an intermediate mode for users that become familiar with our current beginner-geared simulation. This will include more currencies and more frequent price fluctuations! We also plan on introducing a tab for users to see all the completed trees they’ve grown from their investment gains as a forest to help quantify the possible gains they could receive from investing in real life. Regarding Ecocrypto’s front-end development, we plan on improving the interface by using Bootstrap to scale web-app objects to the screen size.

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