As you're all aware, there was a world-wide climate strike last Friday in over 100 countries. Where more than 1.5 million students took part in the strike with 150, 000 from Australia alone. It ranges from primary schoolers to secondary schoolers - so why did they go on strike?

It is because they feel disenfranchised and dis-empowered by the current system. They feel that they can't make a significant positive impact to climate change policy unless they all banded together in a concerted effort. Think about it, they can't even vote yet. There is a whole generation of customers who are becoming more and more conscious about climate change, which also includes being more selective about who they shop with or what brands they trust.

The app works by gamifying the user experience to encourage them to shop in a more eco-friendly manner by offering reward points for each purchase with eco-friendly restaurants or brands, therefore encouraging their decision to shop in a way which all together, will make a difference in society.

This concerted effort will end up supporting businesses who are already eco-friendly as well as also encouraging businesses to be more sustainable if they want to tap into this emerging market or risk falling behind.

In the future:

  • Implement our own API that filters companies by how eco-friendly they are.
  • We can earn start-up capital from Sustainability Victoria who awards grants to sustainable start-ups and projects

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