• "Everybody thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing himself". To find a way to change ourselves, we saw what problems we face daily. Recycling being a prominent one, we found ourselves stepping forward to providing a new solution for this problem.

What it does

Each Sustanabinity bin is your automatic robotic assistant that helps you sort all the your litter precisely into where it should go. Without thinking follow the signal or educate yourself by predicting the signal. It also creates a universal way of throwing trash without any bias of gender/race/ethnicity as you need to follow signals, which is a universal language.

How we built it

  • Deep CNN to predict the material of the object
  • YoloV3 to provide boundary boxes for certain objects.
  • Raspberry pi with Servo Motor, Wires, and custom made equipment to create a bin robot.
  • Google Cloud to train the model

Challenges we ran into

  • Raspberry Pi 4 did not have enough ports for display and charging at the same time so had to find another model.
  • Not enough wires
  • Difficulty putting together things for custom build (use of drilling/sawing was required).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Made a full functional MVP.
  • It sorts 7 objects

What we learned

  • Teamwork
    • Machine Learning
    • Robotics
    • Threading
    • Time Management
    • Managing Sleep Deprivation

What's next for Sustaina-bin-ity?

To have this put in each house and help reduce the methane emission in the atmosphere.

Built With

  • bins
  • cnn
  • imagenet
  • leds
  • pi3b+
  • python
  • pytorch
  • raspbian
  • resnet34
  • servomotors
  • yolo
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