I am currently a rising-senior majoring in Biology with an Ecology concentration and minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I am always looking for new ways to combine my interests in programming and promoting environmental sustainability. I wanted to create something fun and educative that people of all ages could use and what better way than to develop a game.

What it does

ECO_LIT is a game that promotes recycling of plastic.

How to play: Players move a recycling bin left and right using the keyboard arrow keys and collect as many plastic bottles as they can. If 3 bottles reach the bottom of screen without being recycled, its GAME OVER! A message displays the player's score and a fact about plastic consumption. Players can choose to play again to beat their score or quit.

How I built it

I developed the program using python programming language and importing features from pygame and tkinter modules. The pygame was used to implement main animations and display, while tkinter was used to generate pop-up messageboxes.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into was learning how to use tkinter and to install pygame successfully. Thankfully, I found some helpful posts on and Google.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon! I am really proud that I was able to challenge myself to learn two new modules and develop a game in two days!

What I learned

In terms of programming skills, I learned how to import and implement two modules. I also learned the basics game design and development. However, I also learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind too and that I should never doubt my capabilities.

What's next for ECO_LIT

I hope to develop more levels for ECO_LIT of increasing difficulty such as faster falling speed of bottles and creating obstacles in the game. I also hope to develop an alternate version of the game that deals with collecting food and paper into compost bins. This will expose players to another sustainable practice and give them two versions of the game to play.

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